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The principal objective of the project is to be reached through a wide range of project stages with such scientific and technical sub-objectives as:


  • to gain fundamental knowledge on the interaction of different silicon-based hydrophobisation agents with wood by using advanced analytical methods

  • to gain understanding of the preventing mechanisms of hydrophobisised wood against decay fungi

  • to establish fundamental knowledge on the effects and functions of the potential silicon-based agents on the durability (e.g. mould, decay and fire resistance) and performance (e.g. UV-resistance, paintability, glueability) of wood.


  • to identify the potential silicon-based systems for wood protection by evaluating the availability, environmental acceptability and competitiveness of the silicon-based hydrophobisation candidates

  • to establish working protocols for the laboratory scale treatments using the potential agents

  • to create models for moisture transport within modified wood and coated modified wood

  • to assess physical and chemical properties of treated wood by a wide range of European standard test procedures

  • to up-scale the methods to pilot scale production

  • to evaluate the impact of the hydrophobisation systems on the environment

  • to assess the competitiveness of the systems in comparison with the conventional wood preservatives in European hazard classes 1, 2 and 3.


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